0.1. is an animated 360 fulldome film completed in 2011. The film won a Dome Award for 'Best Student Film' at Domefest 2012 and was awarded a Science, Art, and Culture Award from Reflections of the Universe- 1st Russian Fulldome Festival 2013.

Photo: Sebastien Roy

Select screenings include MusicaVisual Muestra Fulldome Mexico, Designing for Domes: Finding the Centre, SHORTVISIONS International Short Film Festival, B3 Moving Image Biennial, ‘Reflections of the Universe’: 1st Russian Fulldome Festival, Redefining Animation Conference | Society for Animation Studies, Bonnaroo: Pageant of the Cosmos presented by [Adult Swim], P3rception at the SATosphere – Society for Arts + Technology, Fulldome UK 2012, Cinetoro Festival Internacional De Experimentation, DOMEFEST 2012, FEMINA-International Women's Film Festival, Jena Fulldome Festival, RiverRun Int’l Film Festival, and Burning Man Festival.

LOGLINE: 0.1. is an immersive fulldome animated film exploring the evolution of human perception. As digital interactions become closely integrated with tangible reality, a hybrid environment is formed.


Role: Director/Animator
Score: Thad Anderson
Client: None
Run Time: 8:06
Completed: 2011