This project required a lot of creativity in problem solving.  The towers were covered with panels, that were triangular in shape, at of the bottom of which LED fixtures were mounted.  The fixtures illuminated the panels with a light wash, transforming these panels into pixels for content.  For those unfamiliar with the term 'pixel', they are the little squares of color that make up the images you see digitally.  When something is 'lo-res' it doesn't have that many pixels.  Most pixels are square in nature and lined up row by row.  The pixels in this installation were not only triangular in shape, the rows were offset.

For this project I worked closely with the design team to create color washes that would push the volumetric nature of the LED fixtures.  This also included extensive testing of the content on the prototype at the StandardVision location.  The fixtures were designed and installed by StandardVision, LLC, a company providing solutions for architectural integration of LED displays.


Role: Art Director
Company: StandardVision, LLC